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Whether you're planning a cross-country adventure or a city commute.

Plug Me 17 uses 'A better route planner' infrastructured route plan engine.

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Plug-Me-17 is a groundbreaking iOS app designed for the modern EV driver. It's not just another app; it's a comprehensive solution with unique features that set it apart from competitors like PlugShare.

Just tap on 'EV Charge' tabbar button and see the comprehensive map of EV charge stations across North America and Europe, with real-time updates and user feedback.

Seamlessly navigate to your chosen charging station with integration into popular apps like Apple Maps and Google Maps ↱.

Plug Me 17 also offers a route planner feature, powered by 'A better route planner' infrastructure, to help you plan your journey and find the best charging stations along the way.

Tapping on the EV plug type icon which located under the Route plan icon you can filter EV chargers with their specifications like CHAdeMO.

In the selected MapItem detail bottom sheet you can tap on ❤️ icon to add the charger to your favorite list.

The main reason if Plug Me 17 uses 'A better route planner' infrastructured route planner engine. User experience when it comes to zooming and clustering on the map. In a more technical perspective, that's the reason why almost all of them leads to lag and awful user experience.

Yes! It works seemlessly with any kind of vehicle which have Apple CarPlay support. And, it immediately shows the nearest charge station.

Available across 175 countries.

Yes, to access the full features and benefits of Plug Me 17, a monthly/annual subscriptions or Lifetime Purchase is required.

Plug Me 17 does not store or transmit any user data or shared app information. The app operates locally on your device and does not collect or send any information elsewhere.

Join the EV revolution.

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